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Sonari being an e-commerce website that exclusively caters to women customers with stunning intimate clothing, we have created a web design layout that is very much in line with the product category. As women and beauty go hand in hand, we have kept the landing page, a combination of beautiful roses along with images of beautiful women in their premium and exotic lingerie.
Women and flowers; being the most beautiful creation of God, complement each other when together. Hence, we have drawn inspiration from nature and showed them together to create an aura of beauty, elegance, comfort, and luxury; especially when they are in their own skin. We have used all subtle & pastel shades to make the website look great while making page navigation extremely easy and convenient.
We have kept the website simple yet relevant to the product line which they sell to the women customers so that all page visitors can look for their preferred products easily through the various product categories which we have placed on the website. We have done this to ensure that all the page visitors who what to buy a product for themselves or want to gift these beautiful lingerie items to someone special, surely have a great shopping experience throughout their time on the website.
We have designed and developed a user-friendly website to offer a hassle-free and convenient lingerie shopping experience to all customers and encourage them to pay subsequent visits to the page.


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