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Based in Delhi, Solis Technology is an emerging global cutting- edge technical service provider. We specialize in multi-platform software, device innovation and modern niches of Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Internet of things, Internet of Everything and Data Science and Analytics. Our team of experts answers all your data questions and offer actionable insights, strategic recommendations and real-world suggestions. Our methodology is to deliver fixed time innovative digital products as well as global technology solutions to all our partners.

Today, information on how to achieve success is available everywhere. However, it is how to transform that information into actionable knowledge is what adds long term value to your firm. It is this problem that Solis technology was born to solve. We help you in deriving meaning and maintain critical strategic agility in an area where the questions quickly outnumber the answers. Our team assists you in understanding your technical needs and ties that knowledge with your business objectives on the other side. That is what Solis represents- “The ability to provide actual data answers for your questions”.

Our consultants help businesses transform knowledge into tactical insights for more informed & on-time decisions. Through Solis, we add a 4th V, that is Value, to the 3 Vs of your data problems- Variety, Velocity and Volume. We aim to achieve excellencfpgidfpekr0rirae through continuous learning, strategic partnerships and innovative answers to provide the best solutions to our customers.

Our vision is to embrace our clients to accelerate their knowledge transfer rate and ensure a successful implementation of the projects we engage in. Passionate about technology, we work with partners to deliver successful, innovative solutions for a delightful digital experience.

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