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Krib Information Services is one of India’s leading Business Process Management solutions providers, specializing in the delivery of Employee Background Screening and Verification services. We assist your hiring managers and recruiters to remain compliant, make better and informed decisions leading to a greater talent pool and mitigating risks associated with staffing.

Originally established to provide these services PAN India from small businesses to large multi-nationals, International services are growing too as we extend globally.. The service is international.

Krib Information Services offers innovative and comprehensive employment screening and verification services that enhance the safety, security, productivity and efficiency of workplaces everywhere.

The company group is headquartered in Noida city in India, part of greater New Delhi. Reach extends across India with branches in all Metro areas and more than 300 associates throughout the country.

Our professional employment background screening capabilities provide crucial current information to our clients. Our employee background check programs can make the difference to ensuring safe staffing by helping validate your candidates are who they say they are and have earned the credentials and experience they present at interview.

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