Kacha aam (Candy Packaging)

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About This Project

Candies are the most nostalgic part of one’s childhood, with sweet memories associated with it. And what more could one ask for than a candy with a twist? Kachaa Aam brings alive all the best sides of a mouth-watering appetizer with its tangy flavor that makes one go “wah!”
The colours for this design are carefully chosen, keeping in mind the actual Kachaa Aam, so that there is a quick linking of flavours and tastes between the relishing fruit and the premium candy. While researching, it was startling for us to know that very few candies or chocolates have white in their backgrounds. Deciding to use it as our advantage, we gave the brand a white base, accentuating the figures on it with the brilliance of white, making the design more eye-catching and memorable.
The gradients of green highlight the fact that this candy also has its gradients or shades meaning the person tasting it will enjoy a variety of flavours ranging from sweetness to tangy to sour to salty. This backdrop of the wrapper has ‘Kachaa Aam’ in an irregular pattern of various shapes and sizes, to balance the uniformity of hues in which they are coloured.
To bring attention to the brand name which again is written in the same gradients, it has been placed on a black mango to signify the premium and ultimate candy-eating experience one would encounter and also to reinforce the primary element of the brand, which is a mango.
Further inspecting the details, we notice that all the mangoes peculiarly have one leaf each. This is to represent the fact that this candy is ‘the one’ for you. It also denotes the uniqueness of the brand over other brands in the market. A keen observer may also notice the angle at which the stalk and the leaf are placed, which can easily be seen as a ‘tick’ mark to again place the fact that one is making a ‘right’ choice by choosing this brand over others. The small crown in the design is added to show the customers that if mango the ‘king’ of all fruits, Kachaa Aam is here to leave a mark as the ‘prince’ of all candies.
The graffiti style lettering is chosen to add to the unconventional elements of the brand as a whole, making it unforgettable for everyone. It is an art form of rebels, which again is a significant attribute of the brand, as it is rebelling against the standardized tastes of candy and going beyond.
All in all, this design not only establishes the brand, but also bolsters the brand name along with its identity to make it a daily name among the masses.


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