Grandream (Cake box)

About This Project

Curves and Waves are naturally associated with nature, and so is food. And when it comes to confectioneries, the mouth automatically waters-up, craving for the delicious sweetness to take over the senses.
What better way to bring a sense of class and sophistication while enjoying our sweet tooth than by using this design to represent the brand?
The flowing nature of waves, when put into a mélange with food, heightens the feeling of hunger. The rhythmic waves that illustrate movements of the tongue and the muscles of our mouth, paired with the rich aromas of the delectable cakes & buns are bound to evoke the appetite of the customers. The rolling movements of the tongue when dancing with the delightful melting-in-the-mouth delicacies is well represented as a euphoric state by these waves and their cascades.
While the waves represent the mouth-watering culinary art of the bakery, the colors represent the bakery itself. The Royal Blue palette colors porpoise, anchor, lead and coin bring in a sense of sophistication and strength to the brand, which is new and superior at the same time for a bakery.
A bakery usually oozes feminity, but these packaging colors will bring a bit of masculine touch to the brand. Coupling the two together will create a healthy balance for the brand as a whole, as both the sense and the style are never lost with this design. In this way, it will show the brand of a bakery in an unconventional light, while appealing to the customers at the same time.


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