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Together, we have tried to create a guiding light for the company, combining all the elements which the company stands for. The first look at the logo shows a handful characteristics. A beautiful wave appears in an increasing slope that swirls and breaks loose into small particles. The swirl and the bifurcation into small bits in the upward far distanced dots is tantamount to the DNA. Just like the DNA is the basic brick of the foundation of a human, the data is of the firm.
Carrying on the same thread of the analog wave which symbolizes the analog data. The wave at first symbolizes the unprocessed data which transforms in a digitized way and thus the representation of the dots. If we pay attention to the dots, the dots are at a far distant from each other. The dots symbolize the focal point, symmetry and a reference point. Here it is the representation of the data transformed which will is of great utility to users. The scattered data is also a symbolism of the block chain element of data. The block chain management of data proves to be the future of data, with the bombardment of the plethora of data, which is charged towards us, the blanket of the block-chain management comes to our rescue.
Taking the important facts into consideration now comes the color scheme of the logo. We have chosen the gradient colors of the green and blue. While the blue is the symbol of universality, the green speaks for the sustainability. The sustainability is not just limited to the color green and organic farming, it goes far beyond that. The sustainability factor which we root for in the context of the data is in its umbrella form goes for the judicious use of resources, the best and the prolonged use of the available resources. The two colors are in sync, like the golden ratio of nature which guides the galaxy, a human face and the petals of the flower in order to compliment the beauty. The gradient colors make the logo stand out with the color proving to be rather catching and pleasing to your eye keeping in contrast with a logo with solid colors.


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