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Dyntex is a business that offers functional fabrics in the category of sports and lifestyle apparel. Hence, we had to come up with a special website design layout that would equally be functional in serving its purpose to the fullest.
We had quite a few brainstorming sessions among the team members who were involved in this project and we came up with a unanimous decision of giving a premium look to the site so that it can effectively gain the attention of the premium category of their clients. And, here it is; a simplified yet a stunning website.
We have created this website in two languages; one is English and the other one is Deutsch (German). We have done this to offer a better understanding of all the native page users. For we believe that information should never face a language barrier, it should be passed on, no matter in which language it is.
We have kept the whole layout very neat with minimalist web design. As we want to offer very precise content, we have kept both the visuals and text to a specific level, keeping all the unnecessary things at bay. We have done this to make sure a high level of content absorption. Hence, we have created a very simplified interface so that each page visitor finds it easy to navigate through the pages.
We have kept the product category very clear so that whoever is looking for some relevant information, finds it easy to locate. We have kept the whole website on a white base giving it a very clear look while signifying goodness and purity in all the products offered by this company Dyntex.
We have created a very fine look on the website while focussing on their product quality. We have also integrated different social media plugins so that the audience can share this information easily on the social media pages and bring more visibility to this website.
Coming back to the design, it is a very simple one, yet an amazing web design that successfully caters to the premium clients from across the world. As this company is all about offering top class products in their own category, we have also made the website design & its layout to match equally with the premium category of products they offer.


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