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Curating a revolution in the world of Pharmaceuticals, Curiton Life Sciences is here to raise the standard of human lifestyle and curing it with its products.

Keeping the brand name in mind, the logo uses multiple ‘C’s, that represent different aspects of human life. The breaks in the structure depict movement and change, which may be hampered due to various reasons, but it could be overcome with the help of the brand’s products that pay special care and attention to human life and brings happiness to them. The geometric design has incorporated a human touch too, by representing a human as the center of their products. The chain of dots signifies the backbone of a man, both in literal and metaphorical sense. Using a Serif font, the text face has been given a mood of reliability, stability and professionalism. The complementary colours of blue and orange create a strong combination as they deliver the message of tranquility, creativity, loyalty, warmth and happiness.

Overall, this meticulously thought out design will leave a lasting impression of the brand on the consumers, while creating stepping-stones for success at the same time.

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