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CST (Cheng Shin Tire) is one of our premium clients, and we are delighted to develop this website for them. They are a world-leading manufacturer of tires & tubes of bicycles, motorcycles, autos, trucks, terrain vehicles, forklifts, & many other agricultural as well as garden equipment. They have a distribution of products in more than 150 countries.

As we had to develop a website for the market leader in the domain, we had to ensure that we come up with a stunning website that would successfully depict the vision and mission of this world-leading manufacturer of tires.
While designing and developing this website, our intention was to give out a look that is at par with the products of this market leader. Hence, we have kept only 5 Tabs in the website for better clarity and understanding of the page visitor. One can look for the relevant product easily on this website along with understanding the quality of products that they would be getting from this market leader. Also, we have kept a separate section named “Technique” to offer all the relevant information to the page visitor about the technology used in manufacturing these high-quality products.

We have used a lot of free space on the website along with offering all relevant information and created an aura of excellence just like the product line. We have also used the colour Orange to keep it in line with the company Logo, which is a predominant Orange.

The navigation is simple, easy and also the page loading time is just perfect. This we have ensured to create a cross-platform website to offer a great UI/UX to all the page visitors no matter which device they use to access this website. We have offered all the relevant information about all the products to encourage them to make a purchase decision accordingly.

This premium quality website is all great to look at, comfortable to browse through and easy to get all the relevant information and we are happy about designing and developing such a stunning website for our client – CST.


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