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As Indians, we love munching on tidbits whenever presented with an opportunity. But it gets a bit tedious to search for our favorite Namkeen in the middle of so many brands, leading to disappointment when we don’t enjoy the tastes they offer. But the Premium quality Namkeen brand, Pomonah, is here to take over the markets with its smart packaging and impeccable flavours.
The primary highlight of the design is an image of the Namkeen right at the top, which has been strategically placed so that consumers can easily identify their favourite food item, unlike the Brands of Haldirams & Balaji which have the image at the bottom or no image at all. As a result, while consumers are busy shopping in retail stores, the instant mouth-watering image of the food product leads to impulsive and irresistible buying of our product. To add to the modernity of the packaging, the typeface is written in an urban, more decorative font to break the monotony of the design and make it more appealing to the customers to have a taste of something new.
Also, to give an edge to the brand, we have used colours that no other brands in the Namkeen market have. This marks the uniqueness of the brand as customers will quickly associate the distinctive colours and the savoury brand. The shades of blue used in the design reinforce the stability and reliability of the brand, which increases customer satisfaction, making them come back for more. At the same time, the red hues in the packing command the attention of the passers-by and enriches the traditional roots of these munchies.
Thus, when shelved with other brands like Haldirams & Balaji in big-chain stores like Big Bazaar, D-Mart, etc, Pomonah’s premium quality of products stand out due to its packaging and the whole scheme put together becomes a differential element for people to choose it over the other established brands as it enhances the product experience leading to higher brand loyalty.


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