Clibano (Cake Bakery)

Logo & Branding
bakery, baking, bread, Cake, chocolate, cookies
About This Project

This style of logo has been borrowed from America as a superpower. It is bold and says clearly whatever is to be conveyed. It is most indirect in communication yet, presenting a very simple, tidy, uncomplicated design to our audience. It conveys a message of professionalism and demonstrates that we are a well-organized, well-thought-out brand, instantly making our audience feel confident about doing business with us. This is the Right Place to EAT.

A logo design that is simple and easily recognized makes a powerful statement because consumers will remember your brand’s message. Some examples of informative, uncomplicated logos include the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), Facebook and CNN.

Warm colours like Red and Yellow are very exciting and bright, and they provide a lot of visual stimulation to the guests. This helps to increase your turnover rate, which makes warm colour schemes ideal for high-volume establishments like fast causal eateries, buffets, or fast-food restaurants.


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