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About This Project

We live in a generation that has come a long way from wired communication devices to smart phones. The evolution of these devices and related accessories plays a critical role in consulting industry. The logo of Alps Consultants is inspired by a flat charging cable. Since the company’s principal business is BIS consultation for chargers and related telecom products, we bring you this precise design. It can be seen that the letter A is in running form which represents a wire and continuity. Along with the design, the color scheme has been put together that conveys strong presence of the company. Red color in the logo interprets passion, determination, and energy of the business. It conveys that these aspects form a base in terms of service and customer experience. The gradient use in the logo articulates that the organization is continuously changing and evolving with the trend. Being in the business, it is mandatory to benchmark the standard, hence we came up with this design.

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