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About This Project

What better way to serve food than going desi with a hint of wistfulness? Delhi based Aaoji Khaoji is now in Jodhpur to steal the hearts, or rather stomachs, of the locals with their authentic Dilli style Chole Bhature.
The logo, which is sans images, is set in calligraphy lettering. The stylish serif font is inspired by the 90’s in Bollywood, a period of where classics were made which still rule our hearts. It is influenced by one of the most cherished movies of Bollywood, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, a movie that is still running after 23 years at Mumbai’s iconic Maratha Mandir Cinema. The font evokes nostalgia and at the same time, states that the brand is here for the long haul, always to be remembered and loved by the customers.
Coloured in bright orange against the backdrop of mehndi green, the logo instantly grabs the customers’ attention and invites them to have a delicious meal. The orange colour stands for adventure, happiness, enthusiasm, optimism, and fun; all of which the customers will experience once they taste the appetizing, mouth savoring flavours of Aaoji Khaoji. The minute details in golden yellow are added to break the monotony of dark shades and bring balance to the design as well as add a royal touch to it.
Overall, the simplistic design is endearing and classical, eliciting a friendly and fun vibe as it allures the customers to have a great time while enjoying the mouthwatering, hot and spicy Chole Bhature in their refreshing ambiance.

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